Yenna Hill "Tree of Life"  orange @EYEZ C👁LLAB👁RATE Painting

Yenna Hill "Tree of Life" orange @EYEZ C👁LLAB👁RATE Painting

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Collaboration with Yenna Hill-  8x10 Wood Panel with Engraving by @eyez from the 2022 C👁LLAB👁RATE exhibit in Saint Louis.


Years ago Yenna's mother Kay Haring commissioned Peat to paint a small portrait of her brother Keith (which was an absolute honor as Haring is Eyez biggest influence) and told him that her daughter was an artist. He followed and became fast friends. Last year while Yenna was in Saint louis for her solo show she stayed with Peat and they collaborated in his Keith Haring Kitchen! When the show came around it was an obvious opportunity to do it Again!

View the creation of this collab with Yenna Hill whe she was in town for her solo show in 2021.